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LIFE - Climate value Chains


Project co-funded with the contribution of LIFE Programme of the European Union

LIFE20 CCM/DE/001665

Click on the image to find out more about the Low Carbon Timber protocol


The overall objective of the LIFE Climate Value Chains project is to contribute to a sustainable and longlasting reduction of carbon emissions from supply chains of timber products in building and furniture sectors, fostering the principles of cascade use of biomass and substitution of fossil-based materials with biobased materials


1) Shifting supply chains in the timber sector towards a reduction of material flows to reduce carbon emissions
2) Raising awareness among designers and architects as important influencers on the choice of construction materials based on environmental impact
3) Integration of the issues of reduced grey energy and reduced carbon emissions into green public procurement
4) Sensitization of consumers and general public on the influence of material flows on climate change, the need of changing behaviour and existing opportunities for acting



  • 400 architects implementing in their projects the instruments and guidelines developed

  • 300 public authorities interested in using the tools in their construction and procurement projects

  • 300 companies involved shifting towards more sustainable supply chains



  • Companies involvement

  • Integration of climate friendly practices and products in green public procurement

  • Consumer awareness raising campaign

  • Development of target group tailored supporting tools

  • Development of economic incentives for climate friendly supply chains

Project Partners

Holz von Hier (DE)

BSC, Business Support Centre (SL)

Environment Park (IT)

Wood Industry Cluster (SL)

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